Modern methods for data analysis Workshop

Many people in our community need a quick primer on using R (language and environment for statistical computing and graphics), and using linear mixed models. Lots of us never learned these models, but they are being used more and more in many disciplines. So we’re hosting a free, remote workshop! All are welcome (undergrad, grad students, faculty, staff).


When: January 11-15, 10-12 EST

Where: Remote. You decide!

Who: Dr. Bodo Winter, University of Birmingham

What: R basics, reproducible R workflow, Linear Models.

Goal: Usability, not mathematical sophistication. Friendly, approachable environment in which to learn. Leave with the basics.

Unfortunately, registration is now closed.


Problem: Statistical models used in cognitive science have shifted from null hypothesis significance testing (ANOVA, etc.) to modeling (linear mixed models, logistic regression, etc.). The College of Arts & Sciences has no stats consulting. Most COGS students take only basic courses. Grad students need help with thesis data. Students design complicated studies but don’t know how to approach the data. Many faculty never learned these models. Reviewers of journals increasingly expect researchers to do things they weren’t trained on, and that have a steep learning curve. There’s no shortage of web resources for R/modeling, but…learning solo is inefficient, many tutorials aren’t designed for people without math background.

Solution: Let’s bring in an expert and learn together! Dr. Bodo Winter has tremendous experience running workshops for people of all levels. He will walk us through some basic things in a five-day (2-3 hours per day) user friendly workshop. All are welcome! You may not know it yet…but this is a very, very worthwhile investment of time.