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Master of Arts

Mark Turner, Institute Professor, directs the M.A. Program in Cognitive Linguistics.  He can be reached via

Apply on line by visiting and clicking on Apply online through Hobsons ApplyYourself.

The M.A. in Cognitive Linguistics follows Plan A, as described in the Graduate Student Handbook of Case Western Reserve University. The handbook can be found on the website of the School of Graduate Studies. Accordingly, the M.A. in cognitive linguistics requires 30 credit hours and a written M.A. thesis. The committee supervising the thesis consists of a director and two additional faculty members, conforming to the requirements of the School of Graduate Studies. View the basic guidelines for completing a Master’s Thesis in Cognitive Linguistics.

A canonical interval for completing the program is four semesters, but many other arrangements are possible.  Part-time enrollment is also possible. The required courses include two courses in theory (406 & 407, 3 credits each), two courses in research (408 & 409, 3 credits each), for a total of 12 credits, plus an additional 6 credits of electives (typically two other courses with COGS designations, at the 300 or 400 level, although other arrangements are possible as arranged with your supervisor), for a total of 18 credits, and 12 credit hours of thesis work.

Course Descriptions: See the list of courses, with special attention to 406, 407, 408, and 409.


More information about Cognitive Linguistics

For more information about the field, including possible careers and conferences, see the International Cognitive Linguistics Association site. For guidance concerning upcoming conferences that may enhance your scholarship at Case Western Reserve University, please contact Mark Turner. His email address is posted on his website at

MA Cognitive Linguistics Flyer for Printing