Requirements for admission to the M.A. degree program

Case Western Reserve University has standard criteria for all applicants to graduate programs. These are determined by the School of Graduate Studies, and can be found on this page.

Applicants will be expected to have a background in one of the areas that contributes to cognitive linguistics, but that background is judged case-by-case. For example, an applicant may have come to the study of cognitive linguistics after taking an undergraduate degree in cognitive science, computer science, neurobiology, psychology, languages and literature, or formal linguistics, or have acquired through work in industry or self-directed study a familiarity with the elements of cognitive linguistics. Applicants for the degree program will also be expected to have demonstrated an interest in research and the capacity to complete a research-oriented thesis. We routinely calculate equivalencies of foreign degrees and coursework.


Applying for admission to the Integrated Graduate Study Program in Cognitive Linguistics

Undergraduates pursuing a B.A. in any major in the university are eligible to pursue the M.A. in Cognitive Linguistics during their final year of study. Interested students should consult with the Dean of Undergraduate Studies listed on this page to determine their eligibility. Prospective students will follow the standard admission procedures and requirements determined by the School of Graduate Studies, as described above.


How do I apply?

Please read this page before applying. You are welcome to send initial inquiries to the director of the program, Vera Tobin, at Applications for the degree program are submitted online only. Apply by visiting this page.

Students interested in non-degree enrollment should consult the School of Graduate Studies webpage for Non-Degree Students. In order to consider each applicant’s case fully and fairly we prefer to receive a completed application (see the School of Graduate Studies website for details) by 1 May for admission in the fall of that year.