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Introduction to Graduate Program

What is Cognitive Linguistics?

“Cognitive linguistics goes beyond the visible structure of language and investigates the considerably more complex backstage operations of cognition that create grammar, conceptualization, discourse, and thought itself. The theoretical insights of cognitive linguistics are based on extensive empirical observation in multiple contexts, and on experimental work in psychology and neuroscience. Results of cognitive linguistics, especially from metaphor theory and conceptual integration theory, have been applied to wide ranges of nonlinguistic phenomena.” —Gilles Fauconnier. 2006. “Cognitive Linguistics.” Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science. John Wiley & Sons. Pdf of full article.

Candidates may apply for admission to the program, with the purpose of pursuing the Master of Arts degree, or to non-degree status, with the purpose of taking courses for credit that could be transferred to other institutions. Potential applicants should send initial inquiries to Professor Mark Turner, director of the program, at