Two-for-one: Add a secondary major in Cognitive Science to your Engineering, Management, or Nursing degree! Or to your BS degree from the College of Arts & Sciences!

Undergraduate students taking their degree from the Schools of Engineering, Management, or Nursing at CWRU, or taking a BS from the College of Arts & Sciences, can obtain a second major in Cognitive Science simply by completing its requirements and without obtaining the additional 30 units required for a dual degree. The requirements for the Cognitive Science major are completion of 5 foundation courses and 5 electives, which need not include either a SAGES departmental seminar or capstone. The option of a Secondary Major resolves a previous disparity: students taking a BA degree in the College of Arts & Sciences have always been able to add a Cognitive Science major simply by completing its requirements, and many of our students major in Cognitive Science & Biology, Cognitive Science & Psychology, Cognitive Science & Music, Cognitive Science & Religious Studies, etc. With the option of a Secondary Major, students in Engineering, Management, or Nursing and students taking a B.S. in the College of Arts & Sciences enjoy a similar opportunity.