Department of Cognitive Science

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Faculty and Staff


Name Title Email Phone
William Deal Severance Professor in the History of Religion and Chair Department of Cognitive Science 216.368.2205
Todd Oakley Professor 216.368.0798
Fey Parrill Associate Professor 216.368.2795
Vera Tobin Assistant Professor 216.368.0115
Mark Turner Institute Professor 216.368.4753


Affiliated Faculty

Name Title Email Phone
Florin Berindeanu Instructor 216.368.8728
Richard Boland Eliz. M. and Wm. C. Treuhaft Professor of Management 216.368.6022
Patrizia Bonaventura Assistant Professor 216.368.0056
Richard Boyatzis Distinguished University Professor, and H.R. Horvitz Professor of Family Business 216.368.2053
Per Aage Brandt Adjunct Professor
Charles Burroughs Chair of the Department of Classics, and The Elsie B. Smith Professor in the Liberal Arts 216.368.6095
Daniela Calvetti Chair of the Department of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, and the James Wood Williamson Professor 216.368.2884
Angela Ciccia Assistant Professor 216.368.5385
Fred Collopy Vice Dean and Professor, Weatherhead School of Management 216.368.2048
Heath Demaree Professor 216.368.6468
Robert Greene Professor 216.368.6473
Yohannes Haile-Selassie Adjunct Professor 216.231.4600
Michael Householder Adjunct Professor
Bruce Latimer Adjunct Professor 216.531.8187
Paul Marasco Adjunct Professor 216.791.3800

Sandra Russ The Louis D. Beaumont University Professor 216.368.2814
Peter Thomas Associate Professor 216.368.3623
Kristina Hooper Woolsey Adjunct Professor
James Zull Professor 216.368.3572


Name Title Email Phone
Jessica McGuinness Department Assistant 216.368.4753